Dear Parent / Carer,

The best schools work closely with parents, therefore, I would like to outline some of the ways we can work together to help your son achieve everything he is capable of this year.


Schools are under enormous pressure from the Government to ensure that students’ attendance is as high as possible. This is because students with low attendance achieve less well than their peers. Our HMI inspection in March highlighted the need for us to work to ensure higher levels of attendance among our students at KNBS. Our current overall school attendance target is 96% and in order to achieve this, we must ensure that our students attend every day and do not take holidays in term time. I have already received this year a number of parental requests for holidays during term time. This is extremely disappointing and frustrating. The Local Authority can impose a fixed penalty fine for unauthorised absences so please bear this in mind. If your son needs to attend a medical appointment please try, in the first instance, to schedule this for the end of the school day or during school holidays, so they can attend as many learning sessions as possible. Please can you do all that you can to make sure that your son arrives at school by 8.30am every day.

As part of our drive to improve attendance we will be rewarding students with extra VIVO points for each half term they attend without any absences. We have also decided that any student with a 100% attendance record will be able to go on the end of year Rewards Trip regardless of which house they are in. However, please note that any student who misses school as result of a family holiday will not go on the Rewards Trip.

Form Tutor & Head of House

Your son has a Form Tutor and a Head of House who monitor his progress across all subjects. These members of staff are your first point of contact concerning academic progress or issues that arise regarding behaviour or wellbeing. If there are any other issues that may affect your son’s progress please contact these members of staff. Staff can be contacted through our enquiry email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Find attached a list of our Year 7-11 Form Tutors and Heads of House.

Parents’ Forum

Many of you will already be aware of our regular Parents’ Forum meetings. At these meetings School Leaders present on current developments at KNBS. It also gives an opportunity for parents to provide feedback to us so that we can make improvements to our provision. In order to give as many parents as possible the opportunity to attend we run two sessions; 3.30-4.30pm & 6.00-7.00pm. The dates of these meetings for this year are:

  • Thursday 10th November
  • Tuesday 28th February
  • Thursday 15th June


We are generally receiving positive feedback about ‘Show my homework’; our new system for recording homework. It has been good to see that the vast majority of our parents have logged on to the website. Hopefully, you are finding that through using this system you are able to support your son effectively with his homework. If any of you don’t have your login details please get in touch with us. Thanks to those parents who have let us know when there have been issues.

VIVO: Achievement and Rewards

Achievement is at the core of what we do. We want your son to be successful and enjoy his time here at KNBS. We encourage students to make good choices in and around school by rewarding them with achievement points, commonly known as VIVOs. Some of the areas in which your son can expect to be rewarded are: positive contributions to school life, hard work and effort in lessons, extra-curricular success, positive attendance and good academic progress. Over the next couple of weeks, you will be given the chance to login to your son’s online account; please use this tool to help support the school’s work and use the information it provides to praise your son at home.

I look forward to seeing many of you at our Parents’ Forum meetings, Parents’ Evenings and other school events during the course of the year.

Yours sincerely,


Paul Woodhouse


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Headteacher: Mr. P Woodhouse

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