November 2016

Year 11 Pre-Public Examinations

Dear Parents/Carers,

Starting from Monday 28th November and for a duration of two weeks, your son will be sitting examinations in all of his subjects.

The timetable for examinations can be found via this link:  

The purpose of the examinations is twofold; we want to give your son as full an insight as possible into what to expect in the public examinations in the summer, so that he will be as prepared and confident as possible. In addition, the examinations will give staff a valuable insight into the progress your son has made to date, and what further interventions, if any, are required in order to ensure success.

Examinations will take place mostly in the school gym, as they will in the summer. In addition, they will be administered by the same external invigilation team that we employ for our national public examinations. At times when your son is not sitting an examination, he should attend lessons as normal. If your son receives support as part of an additional educational need package, he will sit his examinations in an alternative venue, with the support of a teaching assistant. Again, this mirrors what he will expect to experience at GCSE.

There will be great emphasis placed upon revision in the lead-up to examinations. Your son will have access to comprehensive resources, as well as his own class notes. We will advise students that revision should be active, with an emphasis on note-taking and task completion, rather than simply on reading. We will be asking your son for evidence of revision done, and we will reward the students who have shown the most effective and thorough revision.

We are aware that examination sessions and the expectations that accompany them can at times place a significant amount of stress upon young people. Staff will always approach these periods with a keen awareness of your son’s well-being, and a consideration of the fine balance required when placing demands on him. That said, if you have concerns about your son as we move towards the summer examinations, we would ask that you contact us to discuss them.


Thank you for your continued support,

Yours sincerely,

Mr P.Woodhouse Headteacher

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