How to apply


Getting a Place

We are looking for students who have worked hard and who will benefit from further study. Our main criteria for selecting students are the grades achieved at GCSE and the reference written by your school or college.

The college is unsurprisingly popular and we cannot guarantee to take everyone who meets our criteria. We would advise you to apply as early as possible. We interview applicants who are likely to meet our criteria and have a good school reference.

We are a small college and this is very important in achieving our aim of being a community. Our student sand staff know each other well and when you achieve a place at the college you become part of our family. That's a responsibility we take seriously and, in return, we expect the same from you. We have high expectations of our students and expect you to work hard (and play hard) to achieve your potential. We will help you to achieve that balance.

Three Stages of Guidance

There are three main stages of guidance at the college to help you decide on your programme of study:

1. Your Interview  -  This is an opportunity for us to discuss the options open to you and for you to see the college on a typical working day. You will be interviewed by a senior member of staff or a 6th form tutor in whose care you will be, should you become a member of the college. So this is a good opportunity for us to get to know each other. The interview is about discussing options and ensuring that you are making the right subject choices. You will not be expected to make firm decisions about courses.

2. Induction Arrangements  -  All students who have been given a place at the college will receive a letter explaining the induction process to the college. You will meet your Personal Tutor and then have a short taster session of each of the courses you are thinking about taking. At the end of the day you will then choose the courses you are most likely to take. During the day your Personal Tutor will give you your enrolment appointment letter.

3. Enrolment  -  September enrolment is a time to sit down with your Personal Tutor to discuss your choice of courses in the light of your examination results. If your examination results are not those that you expected, so you would like to reconsider your original course choice, we maybe able to offer you alternative courses if spaces are available and if you meet our entry criteria. All subject teachers will also be available if you need to ask any more questions.


Application Form

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